Cafe Menu

Cafe hours Tuesday -Saturday 9-3

Call 253-445-5922 for the cafe

Cafe closed Sunday and Monday

catering available 7 days a week



Soup - Cup $4.50 Bowl $6.50


Tomato Basil

House made blended roma tomato soup


Soup of the day

our daily soup is different everyday


                                      Tarragon chicken salad $6.50/10.50

our signature chicken salad with celery, green onions, mayo and a hint of tarragon


Waldorf $8.50/12.50

Romaine and Mixed Greens  with apples, celery, chicken, grapes, craisins and walnuts served with our home made creamy waldorf dressing


Italian Chop Chop $8.50/12.50

Romaine lettuce with salami, turkey, green onions, garbanzo beans, parmesan, fresh basil and tomatoes tossed in our tangy balsamic dressing


Chicken Caesar $6.50/10.50

Romaine lettuce, chicken, and parmesan with our house made croutons


Sesame Chicken $8.50/12.50

Romaine, chicken, cabbage, carrots, green onions, cilantro, red peppers, mandarin oranges and toasted almonds with our homemade sesame dressing (contains soy and peanuts)


Southwest Chicken $8.50/12.50

Romaine, chicken, green onions, cilantro, red peppers, black beans, corn, and cheese, served with crispy tortilla chips and our BBQ ranch dressing


Greek Salad (vegetarian) $6.50/10.50

Romaine, red onion, kalamata olives, cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese served with a viniagrette dressing


Cobb $8.50/12.50

Romaine, chicken, bacon, blue cheese, egg and tomatoes with ranch dressing




DEli Whole $10.50 Half - $7.50


Build your own


ham, roast beef, turkey, pastrami, chicken salad or tuna salad



wheat , marble rye, french, sourdough or gluten free bread



lettuce and tomato, and your choice of cheddar ,pepperjack or swiss cheese.

Specialty Sandwiches

Club Sandwich

Triple decker mayo, ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, mayonnaise

whole $15.00 half $7.99

                              BLT&A (avacado) whole $11.50 half $7.50 Thick sliced Applewood bacon, mayo, lettuce , tomato, avacado                                             

Grilled New York Steak Sandwich $13.99 (whole only) grilled top loin served open faced with caramelized onions and swiss cheese ( add sautéed mushrooms for $1.00)



Traditional ham and cheese (cheddar ,swiss, or pepperjack)



Turkey, bacon, swiss and tomato $7.50/12.00


Fresh pesto (contains walnuts) with mozzarella and tomato $5.00/9.50

(made fresh with our own homemade pesto!)


Grilled cheese (a combination of cheddar jack and mozzarella cheeses , green onions and a touch of garlic 8.50/6.50)



pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and house made 1000 dressing on marble rye $7.50/12.00



Ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard$7.00/11.50


Bleu Baron

Roast beef, swiss cheese, blue cheese dressing and   caramelized onions $.7.50/12.00


club melt $7.50/12.50

Turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar and tomatoes grilled on French bread

Southwest Turkey Panini $7.50/12.50

Turkey, bacon,pepperjack cheese, avacado, tomato, red onion 


Blue Plate Special

half a sandwich, mini garden salad, cup of soup (extra charge for panini or specialty sandwich) $13.99


half and half combo

Choose two of the following: cup of soup, half deli sandwich, half salad (extra for panini or specialty sandwiches) $12.99


Whole/half combo

choose a half and a whole of the following: soup, deli sandwich, salad (extra for panini or specialty sandwiches) $15.99


whole/whole combo

a whole of two of the following: sandwich, bowl of soup, whole salad (extra for panini or specialty sandwiches)   $17.99


                                                  $9.99( whole only)


spinach, sundried tomato or plain



sesame chicken(contains peanuts and almonds)

Italian chop chop

greek *(vegetarian option)


chicken caesar

veggie *(vegetarian option)


chicken salad with apples, craisins, pecans


savory crepes

Crepes  12 or 16 inch

Savory crepes come with garden salad or cup of soup

Ham and Gruyere $9.99/11.99

Chicken, bacon, artichoke in a sun dried tomato cream sauce $10.99/12.99

Creamy wild mushroom in a thyme cream sauce (add brisket or chicken for $1) $10.99/12.99

Creamy pesto (contains nuts) veggie (add chicken $1)$9.99/11.99


sweet crepes

Crepes inch (12 - $8.99/16 $10.99)

        Classic strawberries and cream drizzled with chocolate sauce ( 16 - $10.99/12 - $8.99)

Nutella and banana (16 - $9.99/12 - $7.99)

Peanut butter and Jelly (16 - $6.99/12 - $4.99)

Cinnamon and sugar (16 - $6.99/12 - $4.99)

                                                    create your own!



Migas  eggs scrambled with bacon, cheese and green onions then topped with fresh cilantro and avocado and served with fruit and salsa $9.99

Breakfast Panini  scrambled eggs nestled in between ham or bacon, and your choice of cheese, then grilled to crispy melty perfection. Served with fresh fruit $9.50

Breakfast burrito Ham or bacon scrambled with eggs, cheese and potatoes and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and served with salsa and fresh fruit. $9.50

veggie breakfast burrito peppers, mushrooms, spinach , potatoes and onions scrambled with eggs and cheese and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and served with salsa and fresh fruit $8.99 (add ham or bacon for $1.00)

bacon and egg combo with toast and fruit $8.99

fruit and yogurt parfait vanilla yogurt layered with seasonal fruit and granola (contains nuts)$4.50

fresh seasonal fruit bowl $5.50

Croissant with jam and butter $4.50

orange juice $1.50 fresh brewed premium coffee $1.50

Breakfast served until 11 am Tuesday - Friday all day on Saturday

health department warns that eating raw or undercooked eggs or meat could result in serious health complications



Sodas/ coke, diet coke, root beer, squirt bottled water



Lattes/mochas oz (12 - $3.50/16 - $4.50)

white or dark chocolate mocha

Drip coffee oz (8 - $1.50/12 - $2.50/16 - $3.50)

lemonade/iced tea/italian sodas oz (12 - $3.50 16 $4.50)



almond, vanilla, lavender, hazelnut, peppermint, pumpkin spice (seasonal) blackberry, pomegranate, peach, mango, lavender, strawberry, raspberry

add a flavor for an incredible concoction!


(2%, almond or nonfat milk available)