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Due to health department restrictions no outside food is allowed from non licensed caterers or guests
(Please note there is a minimum of 4 dozen for appetizers)


Here's a tip for ordering appetizers:

usually allow 3 per person of each type except for shrimp (4 to 5 per person are appropriate).


Budget Friendly Bars


Taco Salad bar

Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cheese, sour cream, salsa, 1000 Island dressing and tortilla chips .Ground beef 8.50 per person (turkey $9.50).Guacamole add 1.50/person

Taco Bar

Choose from flour or crispy corn tortillas. Includes shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese and salsa .Ground beef $8.50 per person (turkey $9.50)Add Mexican rice,  beans, or corn casserole for $1.50 per person .Add my fresh made guacamole for $1.50 person


Baked Potato Bar

Large Russet potatoes baked and served with a mixture of sour cream, butter ,bacon ,green onions bacon bits, scallions, cheddar cheese. $7.50 per person. Add my own creamy mushroom or broccoli and cheese sauce for $2.00 per person. Add a Caesar or Garden salad for $1.50 per person


Pasta Bar

Choice of penne or bowtie pasta and served with your choice of the following sauces, alfredo, meat sauce, marinara or creamy pesto and served with parmesan cheese on the side.One sauce $7.50 per person two sauces $ 9.50 per person Add a Caesar or garden salad for $1.50 per person Add garlic bread sticks for $.75 per person


soup and salad bar

an 8oz cup of your favorite soup (choose one ) tomato basil, chicken noodle, loaded potato, Italian sausage and lentil, split pea and ham, broccoli cheddar, Thai coconut curry lentil, pasta fagioli or beef stew. Salad choices : garden, Caesar, broccoli, potato, pea, fruit. $10.00/person

salad bar

romaine and mixed greens, peas, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, red onion, croutons, sunflower seeds, choice of 2 dressings $8.99/person. add potato or pasta salad $1.50/person


water $. 75 each

soda Diet Coke,  Squirt, Coke or root beer

$1.50 each


Garlic baked shrimp

Shrimp baked in our signature garlic butter.$12.99 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

                                                   Bruschetta bar

fresh baked bruschetta with a choice of delicious toppings for your guests to mix and match. (requires electrical connection and staffing) $2.50 per person

                                               Deviled Egg Sampler

 An assortment of deviled eggs topped with smoked salmon, crab or shrimp and bacon. Delicious and different!$12.99 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

                                    Bacon wrapped chicken bites

Tender morsels of chicken wrapped in thick cut bacon then seasoned with brown sugar and chili powder and baked to perfection $15.99 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

                             Italian sausage Stuffed Mushrooms 

Italian sausage, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, garlic and panko (minimum 4 dozen)$12.99/dozen

                                            Smoked Salmon board

 smoked salmon Filet with crackers, fruit and a cucumber dill sauce $65.00/20 People

                                                   mini  sandwiches

An assortment of chicken salad, turkey, roast beef and ham on mini croissants, rolls $2.00 each (sold in increments of 8 only)

                                beef tenderloin/ham sandwich bar

Roasted beef tenderloin/Applewood ham freshly carved for your guests served with horseradish cream (requires electricity and staffing) $4.50 per person add carved ham for $3.50 per person

Savory puff pastry bites ~ bite sized puff pastry  with delicious fillings

$9.99/dozen (minimum 4 dozen per flavor) * spinach and Havarti  * ham and Swiss  * Italian sausage and mushroom  * buffalo chicken

                                                antipasto Platter

Italian Salamis and cheeses with assorted marinated olives and veggies , crackers (assortment varies)$65.00


hot crab and artichoke  Served with sliced French bread. $29.99

  spinach $15.99    caramelized onion $15.99    hummus and pita chips $15.99

                                                    Queso Fundido

Mexican favorite! with queso and jack cheeses and green chiles. Served with tortilla chips $15.99

                                                             Pizza dip

rich marinara with pepperoni, ricotta and fresh mozzarella baked on top. Served with bread sticks $15.99

                                    Imported cheese board trio 

Wedges of imported cheese with fruit and crackers $55.00

                                     Cheese and Cracker platter

various sliced cheeses with crackers and grapes $19.95 (10-12 servings)

                                                  Cold Cut platter

thin sliced turkey, ham, roast beef and pastrami served with various cheeses, rolls and condiments to build your own mini sandwich $3.50 per person

                                Garlic Roasted Cocktail Shrimp

served chilled with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. $8.95 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

                                                    Fruit platter

selection varies on seasonal availability (serves 8-10) $29.95

                                                   Veggie platter

(serves 8-10) $19.95 carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, broccoli and peppers with a delicious ranch dip


(barbeque, teriyaki, sweet and sour, marinara, thai coconut curry or Swedish) $6.99 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen per flavor)

                                                     baked Wings

(barbeque, teriyaki or spicy)  $7.99 per dozen (minimum 4 dozen per flavor)



Thai Coconut Curry Chicken 

Tender chicken breast in a delightful sauce with coconut milk, basil, peanut butter, carrots, green onions and curry. Served with jasmine rice. For Shrimp add $1.00

$11.00 per person


Chicken pot pie Casserole

Tender breast of chicken with celery, peas, carrots and potatoes in a rich gravy and topped with our house made pepper and herb crust.



Greek Chicken

Bone in chicken marinated in oregano, lemon juice and garlic and baked to perfection.  Includes rice pilaf. Pair with our new greek salad! $10.00 per person

boneless chicken add $2.00 per person


Teriyaki Chicken

Bone in chicken basted with our housemade teriyaki sauce. Delicious and different! Served with jasmine or white rice

$10.00 per person

for boneless chicken add $2.00 per person


Chicken Parmesan

Crispy pan fried boneless chicken topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and baked. Served with penne and marinara. $12.00 per person


Baked Chicken Dijon (not recommended for large orders)

Boneless chicken coated in Panko bread crumbs and dijon, then baked to perfection. served with rice pilaf. $12.00 per person


Chicken Cacciatore

Tender chicken breast slow simmered in a rich tomato sauce flavored with red wine, peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms. Accompanied with penne pasta

$ 11.00 per person


Artichoke Chicken

A Savory and Sweet signature dish! Chicken breast baked in a rich sauce flavored with mushrooms, white wine, tarragon and of course artichokes. Accompanied with white or wild rice pilaf, penne or potatoes (add $1 for mashed potatoes)

$12.00 per person


Chicken Saltimboca

Tender chicken breasts simmered a sauce with wine, pancetta mushrooms and fresh sage. Served with mashed potatoes or penne pasta. $12.00 per person. (add $1.00 per person for mashed potatoes)


Baked Tuscan Chicken with Herbs

Bone in chicken baked with fresh herbs, garlic and lemon. Served with potatoes or rice pilaf

$10.00 per person.

add $2.00 for boneless chicken breast (add $1 per person for mashed potatoes)


Chicken Fajitas

boneless breast of chicken sauteed with onions and peppers in Mexican seasonings.Served with warm flour tortillas, sour cream, salsa and jack cheese on the side

$12.00 per person Add mexican rice or beans for $1.50 per

add guacamole for $2.00 per person



Beef Stroganoff

tender beef slow cooked in a rich sauce with mushrooms and thyme and a touch of sour cream. Served with egg noodles

$12.00 per person


Baked Beef Tenderloin

Tender filet of beef seasoned and baked to perfection. Includes potatoes or rice

$20.00 per person  (minimum 15 ) 


Roasted Prime Rib

Slow roasted with salt and spices. Served with horseradish , aujus and your choice of potatoes or rice pilaf

$16.00 per person

(minimum 15)  add a staffed carving station for $75.00


Beef tips

in demi glace with mushrooms served with mashed or roasted potatoes

$13.00 per person


Stuffed peppers

Southwest red peppers stuffed with beef, rice and cheese, corn, black beans and cilantro then baked

$8.00(half pepper)


Meatball subs

meatballs simmered in rich marinara and served with crusty french rolls and mozzarella cheese to build yourself

$10.00 per person


Italian beef subs

Tender shreds of beef simmered in a rich tomato sauce with peppers and onions and served with crusty French bread to build your own



Shepherds Pie

Tender slow simmered brisket shredded with peas, carrots and rich gravy then topped with mashed potatoes and cheese and baked




Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Lean pork tenderloin encrusted with fresh herbs and baked to a golden brown. Served with potatoes or rice pilaf

$12.00 per person


Smothered Pork Chops

Bone in chops cooked in a rich mushroom gravy. Served with mashed (add 1.00) or white rice

$11.00 per person


sliced ham

 ham served whole or sliced  with your choice of augratin, mashed or roasted potatoes

$12.00 per person

Add a staffed carving station for $75.00


Pulled pork sandwiches

Tender shreds of pork served with Barbeque Sauce ,buns .and coleslaw $12.00 per person




Wild salmon with basil pesto (contains nuts) or lemon and butter then baked to perfection. Served with rice pilaf or roasted potatoes

$16.00 per person


Baked cod

Tender cod baked in our signature garlic butter. served with rice pilaf or roasted potatoes

$12.00 per person


Penne with Sausage and Peppers

Penne served with a tangy marinara made with italian sausage and pepper sauce. Unique and tasty! (chicken sausage can be sustituted for pork sausage)

$11.00 per person


Chicken Alfredo

Tender pasta and chicken breast in a velvety cream sauce

$10.00 per person


Classic Lasagne

Beef and italian sausage layered in a rich tomato sauce and baked till bubbly

small pan feeds 8  (30.00) large pan feeds 15 (60.00)


Pasta Primavera

 roasted red onion, zucchini, peppers and mushrooms in a creamy pesto sauce

$10.00 per person

add grilled chicken, italian sausage or roasted shrimp for $2.00 per person


Vegetarian options

Roasted vegetable lasagne

pasta layered with roasted zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and red onion between layers of cheese and a creamy bechamel sauce

$10.00 per person


Wild mushroom lasagne

Assorted wild mushrooms layered between pasta and cheeses in a creamy bechamel sauce

$11.00 per person


Stuffed peppers (vegetarian or vegan)

Red peppers stuffed with a combination of rice, black beans, green onions, cheddar jack cheese and fresh cilantro then baked

$8.00 (half pepper)


Grilled portabello mushroom (vegetarian or vegan)

Grilled in olive oil and italian seasonings then topped with marinara, fresh mozzarella and panko then baked


Thai coconut curry (contains peanuts and soy) with vegetables Red curry , coconut milk, carrots, mushrooms, red peppers and zucchini with fresh basil and served with jasmine rice. $9.00


Breakfast burrito bar

scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar/jack cheese, green onions, potatoes and salsa to build on your flour tortilla. (1 per person) add $2.00 for additional per person. $7.50 per person



Egg casseroles with a hash brown crust choose from veggie, sausage, bacon or a combination  veggie $6.50 per person meat $7.50 per person


Scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage                                                (2 per person) $7.50    add breakfast potatoes $1.50


Continental Breakfast

assorted breakfast pastries and fruit (choose from, coffee cake, quick breads, scones, danishes or croissants ), juice and coffee $9.50 per person


Premium fruit platter

 Lg  $49.99(serves approx. 20) small $29.99(serves approx. 10)


Premium Starbucks coffee  to go carriers  (includes cups, creamers, sweeteners , stir sticks and napkins serves approx. 12 8 oz cups $19.99 each

coffee service drop off and return service (priced per quote) Includes, cups, creamers, sweeteners, napkins


assorted individual juices $2.00/each                                               bulk juice (includes cups) $1.50 each choose from orange, cranberry, grapefruit, apple


fresh baked coffee cake $2.00 per person

quick breads (pumpkin, banana, lemon loaf $2.00 per person

warm croissants with butter and jam $1.75 per person


assorted warmed bagels and cream cheese $1.50 per person. add smoked salmon with capers and dill .$2.00 per person


scrambled eggs (2) $1.00

bacon or sausage (2) $1.75

breakfast potatoes  $1.50